Kinga Kosmala


Research Interest:
Pedagogy of Polish as a foreign language, heritage speakers learning processes, contemporary Polish culture, nonfiction writing, narrative ethics, urban studies

Foster 410
(773) 834-2180

Kinga Kosmala received her PhD in Polish Literature from the University of Chicago. She teaches courses in Polish language and culture.

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Research interests:
Pedagogy of Polish as a foreign language
Heritage speakers learning processes
Contemporary Polish culture, film & literature
Nonfiction writing
Narrative ethics
Urban studies

Current projects:
"Lady Jane" in Warsaw: Communism Brought Down by Rock'n'roll
"Internet-Based Cultural Enrichment in the Polish Language Classroom": project aiming at development of internet based materials for Elementary and Intermediate Polish Language classes
Content Based Instruction: Advanced Polish level as an example of a CBI approach in teaching an advanced level class
 "The Reception of Herodotus in Antiquity and Beyond," a collaborative research project on modern reception of Herodotus

Recent publications:
“Olga Stanisławska’s Charles de Gaulle Roundabout: Raw Facts and the Danger of Finalizing Narratives,” The Polish Review (2013)
Ryszard Kapuściński: Reportage and Ethics or Fading Tyranny of the Narrative, Peter Lang Publishers (2012)

Recent courses taught:
Advanced Polish
Polish Through Literary Readings
"Lady Jane" in Warsaw: Communism Brought Down by Rock'n'roll
From Post-war to Post-wall: A History of Polish Film