Resource Faculty

Eleonor Gilburd
Assistant Professor of History and the College
Russia and the Soviet Union; modern Europe; cultural history, especially exchange and translation; the Cold War; aesthetic reception; everyday life. SS 515
(773) 702-0466
Yaroslav Gorbachov
Assistant Professor
Historical Slavic, Baltic, and Indo-European linguistics (in particular, verb morphology), Balto-Slavic accentology Foster 413
(773) 834-2084
Lenore Grenoble
Slavic Linguistics Wieboldt 401
(773) 702-0927
Faith Hillis
Assistant Professor of Russian History and the College
Modern Russia; Ukrainian history; modern Europe; urban history; nationalism; borderlands; comparative empires; history of political ideas and cultures; migration and mobility SS 508
(773) 702-5601
Matthew Jesse Jackson
Associate Professor
Contemporary, postwar European and Soviet Art 262 CWAC
(773) 702-5134
Boris Maslov
Assistant Professor
Russian literature Foster 401
Yuri Tsivian
History of film styles; film and Russian/Soviet art; Dziga Vertov; Sergei Eisenstein; old versus new media; gesture and performance CWAC
(773) 702-0254
Adam Zagajewski
Ferdinand Schevill Distinguished Service Professor
Poetry Foster 301
(773) 702-8408
Tara Zahra
Modern Europe; Eastern and Central Europe; Transnational and Comparative History; Nationalism; Childhood, Gender, and the Family; War and Occupation; Borderlands; Displacement and Migration. 1126 East 59th Street, Mailbox 85