Major Requirements

Program Requirements

Major in Russian and East European Studies (REES). The BA in REES requires twelve courses, which fall into three categories: courses in the major language of study; courses that demonstrate a core competency in the major literature and culture of study; and elective courses. Students have flexibility to construct a course of study that accords with their interests.

Major in Russian and East European Studies

  1. Six language courses at the 20000 level or beyond. In exceptional circumstances students may petition to substitute three courses in a concentrated area of study for three quarters of study in the major language.

    This requirement may be satisfied in whole or in part by examination credit based on a University placement exam. Students who fulfill the language requirement with fewer than three quarters of study must substitute elective courses offered in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures.

  2. Six elective courses in REES or in languages offered by Slavic Languages and Literatures. This requirement is designed to allow students to tailor their program to their intended goals and career track.

    A maximum of one Reading and Research course (REES 29700 Reading/Research: Russian and Eastern European Studies) may be counted as an elective course.

Courses in the major may not be double-counted with general education requirements. A minimum of seven courses in the major must be completed for quality grades at the University of Chicago.

NOTE: Students who entered the University prior to Autumn 2015 may choose to fulfill the requirements here or those that were in place when they entered the University. For questions about course eligibility, contact the director of undergraduate studies.

Summary of Requirements for the Major in Russian and East European Studies

Six courses in Russian or an East European language at the 20000 level or above*600
Six elective courses600
Total Units1200

* Credit may be granted by examination. Up to three quarters worth of placement credit can be counted toward the major. When more than half of the language requirement (the equivalent of four to six quarters of study) is met by examination, electives in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures must be substituted for the additional quarters of language credit granted (i.e., if a student places out of four quarters of language study, one elective course must be substituted into the major. If five quarters of credit are granted, two electives must be substituted, etc.) For purposes of this requirement, introductory courses in another Slavic or East European language can be substituted as electives.