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Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian (BCSN), Czech (CZEC), East European (EEUR), Georgian (GEOR),

General Slavic (SLAV), Polish (POLI), Russian (RUSS), South Slavic (SOSL)

EEUR 21100 - 21200 - 21300 / 31100 - 31200 - 31300
Elementary Modern Armenian I, II, III

H. Haroutunian
ARME 10101-10102-10103, LGLN10101-10102-10103
Autumn Spring Winter
Literature and Linguistics course

This three-quarter sequence utilizes the most advanced computer technology and audio-visual aids to enable students to master a core vocabulary, the alphabet, and basic grammatical structures, as well as toachieve a reasonable level of proficiency in modern formal and spoken Armenian (one of the oldest Indo-European languages). Considerable amounts of historical/political and social/cultural issues about Armenia are built intothis sequence to prepare students who intend to conduct research in Armenian studies or to pursue work in Armenia.