Departmental & Resource Faculty

Mark Baugher
Russian Lecturer
Russian language Foster 417
Robert Bird
Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
Russian literature, cinema and intellectual history Foster 416
(773) 702-8195
Eleonor Gilburd
Assistant Professor of History and the College
Russia and the Soviet Union; modern Europe; cultural history, especially exchange and translation; the Cold War; aesthetic reception; everyday life. SS 515
(773) 702-0466
Lenore Grenoble
John Matthews Manly Distinguished Service Professor
Slavic Linguistics Wieboldt 401
(773) 702-0927
Faith Hillis
Associate Professor of Russian History and the College
Modern Russia; Ukrainian history; modern Europe; urban history; nationalism; borderlands; comparative empires; history of political ideas and cultures; migration and mobility SS 508
(773) 702-5601
Erik Houle
Lecturer & Slavic Languages Program Coordinator
Russian and Polish
Angelina Ilieva
Lecturer; Director of Undergraduate Studies
Balkan and South Slavic Literatures Foster 411
(773) 702-0046
Matthew Jesse Jackson
Associate Professor of Art History, the Department of Visual Arts, and the College
Contemporary, postwar European and Soviet Art 262 CWAC
(773) 702-5134
Sasha Lindskog
Polish Lecturer
Polish Literature Foster 410
(773) 834-2180
Harriet Murav
Visiting Professor - Spring 2019
Comparative Literature Foster 508
William Nickell
Associate Professor, Chair of the Slavic Department
Russian literature Foster 405
(773) 702-8083
Nada Petković-Djordjević
Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language Foster 410
(773) 702-0035
Valentina Pichugin
Senior Lecturer
Russian language Foster 414
Bożena Shallcross
Professor in the Department of Slavic Literatures and Languages
Cultural studies, modernism, thing discourse, Holocaust studies, literature and the visual arts, identity and modes of habitation Foster 508
(773) 702-7734
Kaitlyn Tucker Sorenson
Teaching Fellow in the Humanities
Cultural and Intellectual History of Central and Southeastern Europe Foster 402
Cheryl Anne Stephenson
Teaching Fellow in the Humanities
Central and East European theater; puppet and object theater; animation and film; Czech language; Russian language; Central European literature; Russian literature. Foster 402
Malynne Sternstein
Associate Professor
Czech Studies, Russian Literature (20th-21st cc), Nabokov studies, Central European Studies, Film, and Critical Theory Foster 409
(773) 834-0894
Yuri Tsivian
William Colvin Professor, Departments of Art History, Slavic Languages & Literatures, Comparative Literature, the Department of Cinema & Media Studies, and the College; Chair, Department of Cinema and Media Studies.
History of film styles; film and Russian/Soviet art; Dziga Vertov; Sergei Eisenstein; old versus new media; gesture and performance CWAC
(773) 702-0254
Tara Zahra
Professor of History
Modern Europe; Eastern and Central Europe; Transnational and Comparative History; Nationalism; Childhood, Gender, and the Family; War and Occupation; Borderlands; Displacement and Migration. 1126 East 59th Street, Mailbox 85
(773) 834-2599