Antje Postema Spring 2017

PH.D. THESIS: Claimed Experience: Figuring Trauma, Narrating Memory in Wartime and Postwar Bosnian Fiction and Film

POSITION: Lecturer, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, University of California, Berkeley

Zdenko Mandusic Summer 2016

PH.D. THESIS: The Visual Poetics of Soviet Thaw Cinema

POSITION: Assistant Professor of Russian, Saint Louis University

Kathryn Duda Autumn 2014

PH.D. THESIS: Inherited Humanism: The Case of Evgeniia Ginzburg and Vasilii Aksenov
POSITION: Russian Lecturer in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Chicago

Christian Hilchey Spring 2014

THESIS: Prefixation of Simplex Pairs: An Analysis of Spatial Semantics, Distributive Verbs, and Procedural Meanings
POSITION: Czech Lecturer in the Department of Slavic and Eurasian Studies at University of Texas-Austin

Esther Peters Spring 2014

THESIS: "In the Middle Is the Word: The Writerly Gestures of Nikolai Gogol, Franz Kafka, and Bohumil Hrabal"
POSITION: Outreach and Campus Program Coordinator, Center for East European and Russian/Eurasian Studies, University of Chicago

Daniel Pratt Spring 2014

THESIS: "Aesthetic Selves: Non-Narrative Constructions of Identity in Central Europe" 
POSITION: Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures at Ohio State University

Petia Dimitrova Alexieva Spring 2013

PH.D. THESIS: Second Language Acquisition of Reflexive Verbs in Russian by L1 Speakers of English
POSITION: Lead Instructor in the Kathryn Wasserman Davis School of Russian at Middlebury College

Andrew Dombrowski Spring 2013

PH.D. THESIS: Phonological Aspects of Language Contact Along the Slavic Periphery: An Ecological Approach
POSITION: Visiting Lecturer in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at University of California, Berkeley

Erik Richard Houle Spring 2013

PH.D. THESIS: Pre-Posed Genitive Constructions in Russian and Polish
POSITION: Russian Lecturer and Language Coordinator in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Chicago

Katherine Hill Reischl Spring 2013

PH.D. THESIS: Objective Authorship: Photography and Writing in Russia, 1905-1975
POSITION: Assistant Professor in Slavic Languages and Literatures at Princeton University

Karen Underhill Spring 2011

PH.D. THESIS: Bruno Schulz and Jewish Modernity
POSITION: Assistant Professor of Polish Literature and Polish-Jewish Studies in the Department of Slavic and Baltic Languages and Literatures at the University of Illinois at Chicago

Kinga Kosmala Winter 2011

PH.D. THESIS: Ryszard Kapuscinski: Reportage and Ethics or Fading Tyranny of the Narrative
POSITION: Lecturer of Polish in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Chicago

Junghee Min Winter 2011

PH.D. THESIS: Analysis of the -sja Passive of Russian Verbs of Governing and Wanting as a Conceptual Integration

Ji Eun Song Autumn 2010

PH.D. THESIS: Petersburg Museology: Visions of Modern Collectors in 20th Century Russian Culture

Gabrielle Cavagnaro Spring 2009

PH.D. THESIS: My Dostoevsky, Myself: The Self-Reflective Impulse in Dostoevsky's Readers
POSITION: Writer and Editor at the Consortium of the Arts in San Francisco, CA

Andjelka Bulatovic Summer 2008

PH.D. THESIS: Modality, Futurity and Dependent Tense: The Semantics of the Serbian Perfective Nonpast and Future 2

Alina Wyman Spring 2008

PH.D. THESIS: The Task of Active Empathy: Scheler, Bakhtin and Dostoevsky
POSITION: Assistant Professor of Russian at the New College of Florida

Rebekka Egger Autumn 2006

PH.D. THESIS: An Acoustic Analysis of Word Boundaries in Contemporary Standard Russian

John Merchant Autumn 2006

PH.D. THESIS: The Impact of Irish-Ireland on Young Poland, 1890-1918
POSITION: Lecturer in the Interdisciplinary Polish Studies program at Loyola University Chicago

Radislav Lapushin Spring 2006

PH.D. THESIS: "Dew on the Grass": The Poetics of "Inbetweenness" in Chekhov
POSITION: Associate Professor of Russian Literature in the Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Anna Linden Winter 2005

PH.D. THESIS: The Historical Reconstruction of the Original Text of "The Cherry Orchard" and an Analysis of the Circumstances Leading to the Creation and Distortion of Chekhov's Last Play

Joanna Trzeciak Winter 2005

PH.D. THESIS: Visions and Re-Visions: Nabokov as Self-Translating Author
POSITION: Associate Professor of Russian & Polish Translation in the Department of Modern and Classical Language Studies at Kent State University

David Kaiser Autumn 2004

PH.D. THESIS: Modeling Entailment-Based Semantics in Polish Using Phrases and Second Order Logic
POSITION: Business and Leadership Coach for Coaches with Clients, Dark Matter Consulting, and Confidence for Women Professionals

Peter Gerard DeMartino Spring 2004

PH.D. THESIS: Through the Skin: Violence, Performance, and the Somatic
POSITION: Chief Executive Officer at AIDS/HIV Services Group in Charlottesville, Virginia

Meng Li Spring 2004

PH.D. THESIS: Russian Emigre Literature in China: A Missing Link
POSITION: Lecturer in the Department of East Asian Languages & Civilizations at the University of Chicago

Aaron Bradley Beaver Autumn 2003

PH.D. THESIS: Time in the Lyric Poetry of Joseph Brodsky

Daniela Stankeva Hristova Autumn 2002

PH.D. THESIS: Syntactic Structure and Grammatical Function: The Participles in the Kievan Chronicle
POSITION: Lecturer in the Department of Slavonic Studies at the University of Cambridge

Sarah Krive Summer 2002

PH.D. THESIS: Poetry and the Politics of Sorrow: Appropriating the Early Akhmatova
POSITION: Assistant Dean in Lloyd International Honors College and Affiliated Faculty in the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro

Mark Pisaro Spring 2002

PH.D. THESIS: Quantity in Czech: A Dialectical and Historical Analysis
POSITION: Associate Director of QA Software Systems at Intarcia Therapeutics

Laura Urbaszewski Spring 2002

PH.D. THESIS: Creating the First Classic Poet of Socialist Realism: Mayakovsky as a Subject of 'Celebrating Culture' 1935-1940
POSITION: Instructor of Russian in the Department of Modern Languages at DePaul University

Amanda Ewington Spring 2001

PH.D. THESIS: A Voltaire for Russia? Alexa Petrovich Sumarokov's Journey From Poet-Critic to Russian Philosopher
POSITION: Professor and Chair in the Russian Studies Department at Davidson College

Elizabeth Ginzburg Spring 2000

PH.D. THESIS: On the Structural Role of Sound in the Poetry of Fedor Tyutchev
POSITION: Instructor of Russian in the Department of Modern Languages at DePaul University

Ilonka Aylward Autumn 1999

PH.D.THESIS: It's a Crime to Punish a Crime: Dostoevsky's Views on Criminal Law, as Extrapolated from Vremia and Epokha
POSITION: Attorney of Divorces and Floods at Aylward Family Law in Charlotte, North Carolina

Valentina Borisova Izmirlieva Spring 1999

PHD THESIS: The Christian Art of Listing: Naming God in Slavia Orthodoxa
POSITION: Associate Professor in the Department of Slavic Languages at Columbia University

Andrzej Karcz Spring 1999

PHD THESIS: The Polish Formalist School and Russian Formalism
POSITION: Assistant Professor in the Department of Historical Poetics at the Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences and Lecturer in the Department of Polish Philology at the University of Warsaw

Gregory Khasin Spring 1999

PHD THESIS: The Theatre of Privacy: Vision, Self, and Narrative in Nabakov's Russian Language Novels
POSITION: Interpreter at TechTrans International, Inc. in Houston, Texas

Karla Cruise Winter 1999

PHD THESIS: Narrative Art in Dramatic Form: The Plays of L.N. Tolstoi
POSITION: Assistant Director, Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts at University of Notre Dame

Kristina Schmitz Spring 1998

PH.D.THESIS: On the Road with Satire: The Twelve Chairs and the Golden Calf by I. Il'f and E. Petrov

Joseph Humphries Summer 1997

PH.D.THESIS: The Morphology and Semantics of Doublet Derived Imperfective Verbs in Modern Standard Macedonian

Catherine O'Neil Autumn 1996

PH.D. THESIS: Vzgljadom Sekspira ("With Shakespeare's Eyes"): Pushkin's Appropriation of Shakespeare
POSITION: Associate Professor at the US Naval Academy, Languages and Cultures Department, Russian language coordinator

Mariana Stoyanova Williams Autumn 1996

PH D THESIS: Diminutivity in Bulgarian: A Formal and Semantic Study

Malynne Sternstein Summer 1996

PH D THESIS: Purposing the Liberated Word: Czech Poetism and Russian Cubo-Futurism
POSITION: Associate Professor Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures and Director of the Masters in the Program of Humanities at the University of Chicago

Marie Martin Winter 1995

PH D THESIS: From Byt to Bytie: The Game of Parody in the Poetics of Venedikt Erofeev

Carolyn Jursa Ayers Spring 1994

PH.D.THESIS: Social Discourse in the Russian Society Tale
POSITION: Associate Professor and Chair in the Department of English at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota

Joanna Eva Kot Winter 1991

PH D THESIS: The Dramas of Tadeusz Mcinski and Vjaceslav Ivanov: Two Experiments in Modern Mystery Plays
POSITION: Associate Professor of Russian and Polish in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at Northern Illinois University

Maria Pavlovszky Autumn 1990

PH.D.THESIS: Leksiko-Stilisticheskii Analiz Poezii Sergeia Esenina
POSITION: Instructor at Berlitz Language School Germany

Donald Dyer Summer 1990

PH.D.THESIS: Word Order in the Simple Bulgarian Sentence: A Study in Grammar, Semantics, and Pragmatics
POSITION: Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs in the College of Liberal Arts, University of Mississippi

Gary Villhauer Summer 1989

PH D THESIS: Analogy in the Ukrainian Verb

Victor Lychyk Spring 1989

PH D THESIS: A Comparison of Russian And Ukrainian Deverbal Derivation

George Fowler Spring 1987

PHD THESIS: The Syntax of the Genitive Case in Russian
POSITION: Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies in Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures, and Director of Slavica Publishersat Indiana University Bloomington

Karen Rondestvedt Autumn 1986

PH.D.THESIS: Definite/Indefinite and Related Pragmatic Categories in Early Original Slavic
POSITION: Curator for Slavic & East European Collections at Stanford University

Bulcsu Laszlo Winter 1986

PH.D.THESIS: An Information Science Approach to Slavic Accentology

Jacqueline Lee Glomski Winter 1985

PH.D.THESIS: The Latin and Polish Kochanow-Ski: The Renaissance Concept of Imitation in Elegiae, Lyricorum Libellus, and Piesni
POSITION: Senior Research Fellow in the Department of History at King's College London

Diane Maria Nemec Ignashev Autumn 1984

PH.D.THESIS: Song and Confession in the Short Prose Vasilij Makarovic Suskin
POSITION: Professor of Russian and the Liberal Arts in the Department of German and Russian at Carleton College

Louise Martin Summer 1984

PH.D.THESIS: The 'Italian Trilogy' by Cyprian Norwid (1821-1883)
POSITION: Administrative Assistant for the Department of Education in the State of Louisiana

Steven Young Spring 1984

PH.D.THESIS: The Accentuation of Colloquial Lithuanian

Molly Belyavski-Frank Summer 1983

PH.D.THESIS: The "Balkan Conditional" in Dialectial Serbo-Croatian: A Semantic and Syntactic Study

Carol Any Summer 1982

PH.D.THESIS: Boris Mixajlovic Ejxenbaum: The Formalist Literary Theory and Criticism, 1918-1929
POSITION: Associate Professor in the Department of Language and Culture Studies at Trinity College

Gerard Thomas Kapolka Summer 1981

PH.D. THESIS: The Organization and Workings of Symbolism in Stanislaw Wyspianski's Wesele
POSITION: Dean of Academics and Chair of the English Department at Santa Catalina School

Helen Gifford Spring 1981

PH D THESIS: An Experiment in Sociology of Form: A Re-Evaluation of the 'Crude Socio-logism' of V. F. Pereverzev

Ranjit Chatterjee Autumn 1980

PH.D. THESIS: Aspect and Aktionsart in Slavic and Indo-Aryan: A Semantic Approach
POSITION: Adjunct Associate Professor of Writing at University of Maryland University College