Memory of the World in One Sentence | A Talk with Professor Bożena Shallcross

June 10, 2021 | 10:00AM

You are invited to participate in the online panel “Memory of the World," organized by the Centre for Creativity Research (Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Faculty of Polish Studies).

Our program:

1. “Memory of the World in One Sentence”, talk by Professor Bożena Shallcross (The University of Chicago)

This talk addresses a creative shift of the oldest Polish sentence from the archived space of the medieval Henrician Book through the open gallery space to the privacy of one’s home. My presentation reconstructs a leap from the narrative of labor to the narrative of a marketed artistic production and intimate leisure, as well as to a commonplace, useful object that aspires to be a work of art. Along the way, it explores this artistic intervention in the late medieval citation through additional steps that include the citation’s isolation and the change of its material foundation from parchment to thick materiality of cotton. I argue that the iconic (for Polish culture) text becomes a flatten object of the Warholian mercantile boredom.

Main conceptual points: mobility of inscriptions and citations, everyday logosphere, textual objects, materialization, intracultural transfer, repetition, metonymy, speech and thing.

2. Questions, comments, discussion.

3. Centre for Creativity Research: our plans, ideas, and forthcoming events.

Mateusz Antoniuk, Ph.D., Head of the Centre

10 June, 5 p. m. Warsaw time (London time + 1 hour, UTC + 2 hours)

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