Revenants from the Netherworld: Surviving Kulmhof-am-Ner Death Camp

November 27, 2020 | 11:00AM

Professor Bożena Shallcross will discuss her current book project. This lecture will be in Polish and held over Microsoft Teams. For more information and to register, contact Dr. Anita Jarzyna ( or Professor Marta Tomczok ( by November 25.

 “The Muselmann and the Necrotopography of a Ghetto,” The Journal of Holocaust Research, vol. 34, 2020: 3, 220-240, (ID: 1785089 DOI:10.1080/25785648.2020.1785089).

“Behind the Issue,” Alexa Asher (University of Haifa) interviews Bożena Shallcross about the above article for The Journal of Holocaust Research,